In Development

All game titles listed are the intellectual property of PRECISION GAMING (®) (copyright 2016, Gareth Sibson).

Ardent Trials ©

VR Horror adventure set in the last days of mankind. Journey through the remnants of a dead civilization as the protagonist struggles with existentialism and lung cancer. Use science and mysticism to fend off the beast who subsist on a dying world.


Copyright 2018 Gareth Sibson (Precision Gaming).

On Hold


An action adventure puzzle game from the perspective of a pet dog. With a unique charcoal and chalk art style. In development for the pc.


Embark on an adventure as a four legged protector to watch over his owner, even from beyond the grave. Help Oakren to find peace for himself and his friend.

Copyright 2016 Gareth Sibson (Precision Gaming).

Development on hold.

Released Games



An action, adventure, side scrolling, sci- fi game available for mobile.


Vicious predators will hunt the Elken and only you can save this prey from the hungry jaws of their pursuers.

Previously available for IPHONE®


A fast paced fantasy puzzle arcade game for the mobile platform.

You play as a captured human who must serve the Guinea King as a cook. If you do well, then one day you may escape the Guinea Kingdom.

Previously available for IPHONE® and IPAD®



Simple yet strangely enjoyable puzzle game. Can you beat the Orbix brain teaser?

Previously available for IPHONE® and IPAD®

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