C++ Rope/Cable Cutting Plugin

Capable of runtime physics simulations and cutting, in addition to multiple options for customization. Distributed as a plugin and built in C++.
Here are some of the advantages over the previous blueprint version:
-Better performance (current tests have shown an approximate improvement of 25%, this is  a provisional figure and is subject to change),
-Smaller impact on resources (the code has been consolidated and refactored),
-Simple project integration (supplied as a plugin),
-Easy workflow (complex processes are hidden from the blueprint graph, while useful functions are exposed),
-Most importantly of all, it can now be added as a component to pre-existing actor blueprints (for example adding a tail to a player character or a cord between two vehicles).

Rope/Cable Cutting Assets

Originally designed as a blueprint solution to in game rope cutting, it has now been superseded by the new and improved C++ plugin version. To ensure pre-existing customers and future customers can gain value from this product, it is now an asset repository for the new plugin. Customers who wish to continue using the blueprint spline system are able to do so, however the new C++ rope cutting plugin is better optimized, easier to use and can be integrated to pre-existing actors as a component.

Christmas Props - Static meshes - Xmas Pack - Tree - Presents

A collection of props for decorating a Christmas themed game environment. Gift boxes can be opened and items can be placed inside.


The Christmas Tree is made of multiple meshes controlled via a blueprint. The decoration is dynamic - allowing for random variation to be generated (randomization controlled by construction script). Move BP in editor to quickly change decoration